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Mental health is something that I take very seriously; I have a lot of gratitude and respect for mental health providers across the board. Stress Less Medical Billing is my way of being part of an industry I value, and giving back to those who give so much of themselves to others. My skill set is accounting, effective and personable communication, and persistence. I utilize my skill set to offload the part of your job that can bog you down, and allow you more time to focus on your clients.

My mission is simple: to provide high-quality, personalized services in a timely manner. I cater to each provider's specific needs to ensure excellence. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today

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Our Services

EHR platform on-boarding; a secure user-friendly platform to store your patient info, pre-populated forms uniquely tailored to you and your practice, session notes, and electronic claim submission

Claim Submission

Patient Charges

Insurance Payments & EOB/account reconciliation

Liaison between your clients and insurance companies

Insurance Follow-Up

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Single-Case Agreements/Authorization Set Up

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Client Testimonials

Home: Testimonials

Missy has been a great asset to our practice, and while she is an independent contractor, is considered a part of our team. Missy pays close attention to detail and has been an absolute life saver in assisting us with complex issues related to our billing operations. Missy supports our team with billing operations, single case agreements, managing authorizations, complex changes between our practice and payors and audits to ensure that claims are being processed and payments are timely. Missy has supported us with communications with insurance companies and supports clients with very helpful translation between benefits information and language that they can process and understand. Missy is a solid example of trauma informed care as she cares deeply about our work and the clients that we care for and takes time to ensure that clients are informed regarding their benefits and their financial obligations. I love that Missy’s company is names Stressless Billing because this describes our experience working with her perfectly. Since working with her we have been able to focus more of our attention towards high quality client care and letting go of billing operations processes that used to cause us much stress.

Destry S., LPC

Missy is extremely timely and effective in her billing practices. She is quick to manage problematic accounts and to find a solution. I have also found her extremely helpful in requesting and attaining single case agreements with insurance companies. She has truly been a lifesaver for me and allowed me much more time to manage clinical matters. She has also opened up a great deal of free time for me to spend with my family and friends.

Darcy N., PsyD

Missy Adams has been an asset and huge contribution in helping my group practice grow. She is professional, ethical, friendly team member, hardworking, empathetic to our clients needs and always willing to add additional tasks to her day if needed. Missy will offer suggestions based on her clinical experience with billing but is also willing to be flexible with my preferences as well. I am confident in her ability to be thorough with allocating payments as well as learning and understanding the many websites she needs to navigate for all the different insurances.


Missy Adams is a joy to work with. I have worked with her for a little under three years and she has been the glue that holds our practice together as our clinic’s biller and all-around problem solver extraordinaire. As clinician, I am often bogged down by the confusion of finances and the immense frustration of working with insurance companies. With Missy at the helm, my work runs smoothly, and I am freed up to do what I love, which is providing clinical services in a direct capacity. Missy has always been responsive, clear, and kind in her communication. Most importantly, she is infinitely understanding of my inability to deal with numbers. She makes herself available for any questions and spends countless hours on the phone dealing with single case agreements, making sure insurance companies are covering care, and explaining costs to our clientele. There is so much to keep track of, and Missy is on it! Additionally, she runs over our ledgers every week and keeps track of any inconsistencies. I am not sure what I would do without Missy. She is such a valued member of our practice, and anyone would be more than lucky to hire her. I wholeheartedly recommend Missy’s work to anyone looking to have a more streamlined, stress-free, accessible, and enjoyable clinical practice. She is a gem.

Becca BG., LCSW

I've had the pleasure of working closely with Missy since joining a group practice back in September. She is extremely knowledgeable about all insurance companies and has been an advocate for both our patients but also our team. Insurance and finances can be really challenging and also a sensitive subject within the MH field and Missy handles all issues that arise with grace and helps clients navigate the part of therapy that can be most challenging.


Missy has been doing the billing for our mental health practice for several years. She has a great handle on the billing platform and is exceptional with customer service. She is able to resolve billing issues in an efficient and timely manner. Her attention to detail offers important oversight to the billing process. I would highly recommend Missy's billing services.

Tracy J., PsyD

I’m so glad that I was introduced to Missy! She has taken a huge amount of stress off of me in my private practice!  Counseling is my passion - dealing with payments and insurance companies is not!  She handles all of that to make sure that claims are processed and that I receive the correct payments for my sessions. Missy communicates effectively and as needed, without requiring much of my time to coordinate. If you are considering hiring someone to assist with claims and finances, you will not be sorry to work with Missy!  She makes everything so much easier!

Michelle K., LCSW

I'm so grateful for Missy and the service she provides. From the start there was clear, consistent, thorough, and professional communication, fostering a high degree of trust; it felt like she was a part of the team. As a small private practice owner, she was able to clean up my billing and EHR, as well as address issues that were arising with insurance companies. She went above and beyond the entire time we worked together, and our practice grew and thrived while working with her. Thanks again~

Sarah T., LPC


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